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Yeah, We Are a Little Different.m

As a boutique agency, our focus is making your visit to Maui memorable.

You are our shareholders, you need to be happy :)

Enterprise says, "We'll pick you up." But we will really pick you up. 

We give you an "Aloha," text upon arrival, meet you at baggage claim, and give you the keys to your rental car right in your hand. No having to search for the car-rental desk. No waiting in long lines after a tiring flight. 


We care.   Honesty saves everyone`s time.

Our customers are our shareholders! You are not supporting a third vacation house of a CEO or our cheesy TV commercials. Instead, we have built a company that we would want to do business with.


Do it FAST, do it RIGHT, do it cheap. Pick two.

Tired of having to go on car rental websites daily to see if the rate has changed? We make it easy, the price we say is the price you'll get...

Our individual emailed quoted price includes all fees and taxes.

No hassle no upcharge. Simple as it should be. 


Our phone number does not start with 1-800.

With us, you won't have to try to outsmart and automated system by screaming, "representative," or pressing "0". We believe in people doing business with people, not robots. Call us and talk to a real human. You are our shareholder.


We'll bend over backwards. 

 Need a car seat for your little one? NO PROBLEMO Need a surfrack? Additional driver? Sandtoys? Need a car with awesome gas mileage? You got it. It`s our island feel like at home.

If you want a process to go faster, it's tempting to focus on the straightaways.

                (Seth Godin/ Marketing Guru).

Get your delivery drivers to go faster on the highway. Get your team to take fewer breaks during a sprint. Push for everyone to get out of the way of the moving object. Faster!

Actually, you'll get far more faster if you focus on your loading and unloading instead. Hmmm?!

You don't win races based on your top speed.


We just did that - eliminated counters, your pick up and delivery is personalized and no waiting! Come see us next time on Maui... no waiting, no lines, no counter, no stress, no shuttle, no problem...


Hey, we're from here. 

Nobody knows the Island better than we do. Wanna know where the locals surf? Or the best spot to grab some good Poke? Just ask us, and we'd be happy to help you out in any way we can. 


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